Easily connect with hospitals and blood centers outside of your primary service area to share resources seamlessly.


Grow revenue and reduce wastage by diversifying your distribution channels and overall customer base.



Leverage intuitive business intelligence (BI) tools to identify opportunities across the country with our analytics suite.

Blood centers are caught in the middle of a healthcare paradigm shift and find themselves met with increased supply cost scrutiny from their hospital customers, new competition as other blood centers are forced to expand their geographic footprint to make up for lost revenue, and a forward-looking negative trend of lower blood product utilization by hospitals in their primary service areas.  All of these factors are challenging the long-term viability of their traditional revenue models.

Bloodbuy's state-of-the-art technology was specifically developed to address these challenges by providing blood centers with the ability to instantly tap into a network and connect with new customers all across the country who are in need of lifesaving blood products.


Immediately expand your reach by joining the network.