Source blood products from a nationwide network of AABB accredited blood centers.

Accelerate cost savings and improve performance by leveraging our analytics suite. 

Diversify your blood supply to ensure access to high demand blood products.

Reduce deferred and delayed procedures due to blood inventory shortages.

Blood is the core commodity of healthcare and is truly a precious, lifesaving resource.  It fuels the care delivery models of every major service line within our acute care facilities. Yet, the broader market structure for blood products in the U.S. is severely fragmented.  This gives rise to frequent spot shortages and significant price variations from region-to-region.

Via Bloodbuy's web-based platform, hospitals can seamlessly access a diversified network of AABB accredited blood centers to meet their patients' needs.  The entire process, from order entry to tracking and receipt, is easily managed using our online portal.

By providing direct access to a diversified network of industry-leading blood centers, Bloodbuy ensures that your facility will avoid overpaying for blood products or encountering supply shortages.