Confidentially broadcast your facility’s blood product inventory needs to a nationwide network of industry-leading blood centers ready to fill your order.

Accelerate cost savings and improve performance by benchmarking your operating metrics with industry peers via Bloodbuy’s analytics platform. 

Diversify your blood supply channels and leverage significant per unit cost savings into higher blood inventory par levels.

Dramatically reduce unit outdating and re-stocking expenses, by re-selling excess inventory to other local hospitals in need.

Blood is the core commodity of healthcare.  It fuels the care delivery models of every major service line within our acute care facilities. Yet, the market structure for blood in the U.S. is severely fragmented and inefficient.  This gives rise to frequent spot shortages and significant price variations from region-to-region.

In the post Affordable Care Act (ACA) environment there is enhanced pressure on hospitals to deliver care at a reduced cost, while maintaining or improving quality of care and patient outcomes.  This is not unfamiliar territory for hospitals and health systems, which are constantly battling higher operating costs, lower reimbursements, and the challenges they collectively pose to a hospital’s ability to consistently deliver high quality patient care. 

The impact of ACA has caused hospitals of all sizes to embrace a renewed focus on further refining the cost centers of their care delivery models, a cost equation that over the years has been challenged time and time again, and consequently, is running out of places to capture savings without impairing quality. 

When doing so, hospitals often overlook the fact that blood products, collection & transfusion consumables and inventory shrinkage represent between 3-7% of total non-labor expense at acute care facilities.  When put in perspective, it is not surprising that proper optimization of blood associated processes and overall blood spend is a tremendous source of untapped margin for hospitals and integrated delivery networks (IDNs), while creating minimal organizational friction, relative to other cost containment initiatives.

Our cloud-based technology is specifically designed to optimize these workflows, lower blood spend and dramatically improve outcomes.

By providing direct access to a diversified base of premier blood centers and unparalleled data analytics, Bloodbuy ensures that your facility avoids overpaying for blood products or encounters supply shortages.