RAND Study Recommends HHS use Bloodbuy

In a new independent study from RAND Corporation, researchers cited numerous factors challenging the sustainability of the nation's existing blood supply framework. Researchers at RAND analyzed data pertaining to blood product supply and demand, reimbursement rates, and unit costs from the CMS, CDC and FDA. They also conducted interviews and focus groups with representatives from ten blood centers, eight hospitals, and eleven corporations that supply equipment and services to the blood industry. The extensive research was conducted from February 2016 to June 2016, according to the report.

During the same time period, researchers also conducted separate interviews with blood industry experts from various governmental agencies -- including the CDC, CMS, FDA, HHS and the NIH.

This critical research was sponsored by HHS and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health (OASH), and was conducted by RAND Health, a division of RAND Corporation.  

The research looked into the key factors placing stress on the U.S. blood supply system as well as opportunities to improve sustainability.  In the final report articulating RAND's findings, Bloodbuy features prominently as a conduit platform with the ability to address some of the challenges currently facing the industry, and as RAND stated:

"Bloodbuy appears well positioned to expand."

RAND concluded its findings by making seven recommendations to the U.S. Government, one of which was: 

"HHS should build ongoing relationships with ARC, ASBP, and brokerage entities (e.g., Bloodbuy)."

To access the full RAND study, please visit: http://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RR1575.html.


ABOUT BLOODBUY:   Bloodbuy is a Dallas, Texas-based healthcare information technology company whose cloud-based technologies connect hospitals and blood centers to ensure the efficient distribution of lifesaving blood product to patients in need. By providing seamless access to a diversified base of industry-leading blood centers, Bloodbuy ensures that hospitals avoid overpaying for blood products or encountering supply shortages. At the same time, Bloodbuy enables blood centers to reach and serve a broader base of hospitals and blood centers across the country; thereby increasing inventory turns, reducing blood wastage, and accelerating growth in this challenging environment.